The 7th Asia-Pacific Border Studies Seminar on “China’s New Agenda as a Global Power”

Our 7th Asia-Pacific Border Studies Seminar will be held as a Kyushu University Inter-Disciplinary Colloquium into “China’s New Agenda as a Global Power”. It will feature three talks seeking to capture different aspects and geographies of China’s rise. 

Our guest speaker, Professor Paul Evans of the University of British Columbia, will talk on “The Changing Pattern of Chinese Presence and Influence in Asia Pacific: Lessons from Canada and Singapore” and share his insights into the intellectual and policy issues posed by the multi-dimensional activities of Chinese networks, both governmental and private, in the two countries in question. 

Our second speaker, Professor Nobuhiro Aizawa of Kyushu University, will introduce us to an exciting new project he is undertaking into the pattern of Chinese overseas investment into Indonesia, under the title of “Contemporary Politics of Chinese Workers Abroad: an Indonesian fiasco”.

Finally, KUBS’s very own Professor Serghei Golunov, will speak about the role of Chinese workers in Russia’s pivot to Asia, examining both official and popular perceptions. The session promises to offer a useful insight into China’s efforts to expand her influence overseas and the varied responses it provokes, and provide some necessary nuance to developments associated with its One Belt One Road policy.