Border Bites

➢ Border Bites are digestible chunks of border research, delving into unfamiliar topics in a fresh and lively manner.

➢ Each Border Bite consists of between 1-3,000 words on a single border or issue, with the use of visual materials encouraged.

➢ Border Bites can be made to serve a number of goals: they can be short policy papers offering quality analysis regarding contemporary border developments, primers on the current status of particular borders or issues, or introductions to particular research questions or the research of an individual border studies scholar.

➢ Border Bites will be published online through Kyushu University’s borderthinking website, and is an ad hoc publication. When something of interest arrives, it will be plated and ready to consume in double-quick time.

➢ We strongly encourage graduate students and younger scholars to submit their work.

➢ For further details, please contact the Border Bites editor, Edward Boyle, at this address: