Brexit Roundtable at Kyushu University

On 13 July, 2016, EU Centre and CAFS jointly-hosted a round-table event to discuss the UK’s recent Brexit vote. The speakers were Machiko Hachiya (Adviser to the EU Center and Researcher at the Law Faculty), Edward Vickers (Professor, Faculty of Education) and Ted Boyle (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law and KUBS).

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The three speakers spoke first for about forty-five minutes in total, ranging widely across the possibly origins of the Brexit vote in education, immigration and demographics, the visible and possible effects of the vote on politics in both the UK and EU, and the importance of the rhetoric of control, as well as their personal experiences of the vote and its aftermath.

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The remainder of the time was spent engaging with the audience’s questions, which ranged widely across such issues as the use of referendums to settle political issues, the future position of Scotland within the United Kingdom and EU, the referendum as a result of Conservative Party infighting, and the possible economic implications of the vote. Despite the foul weather, it was a well-attended and lively session that served as a form of therapy for the two British participants.

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Particular thanks to all the staff at the EU Centre, without the cooperation of whom it would have been impossible to put this event on at such short notice, and for their willingness to stay late and help make it a success.

Fourth Tokyo Seminar on Border Studies

The 4th Tokyo Seminar on Border Studies occurred at the Surugadai Memorial Hall of Chuo University on July 2, 2016. The event was organized by Fuminori Kawakubo, Assistant Professor at Chuo Gakuin University and Officer of the Association for Borderlands Studies Japan Chapter (ABSJ). Approximately 40 people participated in the seminar.


The seminar kicked off with the opening remarks of Naomi Chi (Graduate School of Public Policy, Hokkaido University and Chair of ABSJ), who gave a brief introduction to the founding of ABSJ and the cooperation occurring among the various border studies communities around the world. It was followed by a keynote speech from Akihiro Iwashita (SRC, Hokkaido University) who talked about the motivation and objectives behind his book Introduction to Border Studies (currently available only in Japanese, entitled Nyumon Kokkyogaku and published by the Chuko Shinsho Publishing Company, 2015). A second presentation was given by Yuko Maeda (Soka University) about the birth of international society, the effects of industrial ‘hollowing out’ and the possibility for reconstructing political geography in Japan.


During the discussion, questions were asked by students from Chuo University and Chuo Gakuin University who participated in the seminar regarding the challenge of territorial issues in Japan, how to think about migration in terms of border studies and issues of home grown terror. Many thanks to Fujimori Kawakubo, Akihiro Iwashita and Yukio Maeda for their efforts.

Naomi Chi, Hokkaido University

Borders as a Gateway to Asia

On May 11, 2016, the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies hosted an event with Hokkaido’s Slavic-Eurasia Research Center on Border Tourism at ACROS Fukuoka.



Here are some photos of the event:



“Examining Japan’s Borders under Globalization”

Report on the International Borders in Globalization panel held by the Borders in Globalization research network at the Association for Borderlands Studies Annual Conference at Reno, Nevada. The panel was on the first morning of the conference, April 14, 2016.

KUBS’s Edward Boyle delivered the final paper on Japan’s borders under globalization, and thanks everyone who attended for their feedback. 

The report is available here.

Asian Borders Globalized: Towards the Institutionalization of an Emerging Field

See the report on the “Asian Borders Globalized: Towards the Institutionalization of an Emerging Field” panel that was held at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington from March 31 – April 3, 2016.

The panel had been organized by KUBS module leader Akihiro Iwashita (Hokkaido & Kyushu University), although sadly he proved unable to attend, and was chaired by KUBS’s Edward Boyle , with papers from Serghei Golunov, Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, Christopher Len & Alexander Bukh and with Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (University of Victoria, BiG Project Leader) serving as a commentator.

The report on the panel was written by Serghei Golunov and is available here.

Scaling the Nation’s Edge: Territorial borders under globalization”

Report on Edward Boyle’s participation in the Borders and Sovereignty panel at the Association for American Geographers Annual Conference, held in San Francisco from March 29 – April 2, 2016.

With thanks to Reece Jones and Azmeary Ferdoush for allowing me to participate in the panel, and the Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Programs in Education and Projects in Research Development (P&P) grant, Project No. 27503 for supporting my attendance there.

The report is available here.

“Writing ‘Integral Territory’ into monuments, museums and textbooks: national and local practices of territorial homogenization in Japan

See the report on “Writing ‘Integral Territory’ into monuments, museums and textbooks: national and local practices of territorial homogenization in Japan”, a workshop given by KUBS’s Edward Boyle at Chapman University, Orange County, California on March 25, 2016.

With thanks to Michael Wood for the invitation, and the support provided by the Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Programs in Education and Projects in Research Development (P&P) grant, Project No. 27503.

The report is available here.